Wk 2-Josh

Unusual Kevin


One day I was playing with my friend Kevin.He wasn’t normal because he was only a few inches tall.He enjoyed his life until one day at his house we were seeing who could jump the highest for the fun of it but then he jumped so high he knocked his aunt Margaret’s lamp.He told me it was his favorite lamp.It was the most colourful thing I’ve seen.He was coming in a few minutes.He was giving out to me because it my idea. I was in big trouble. This was so unfair. Oops………

One thought on “Wk 2-Josh”

  1. Hi Josh
    This is a really interesting take on this week’s 100 word challenge. I really like how you placed Kevin as a small person from the start. Having a jumping competition was an interesting twist in the story as it would seem that it was going to be unfair from the very beginning because of Kevin’s height or rather lack of it!! You’ve also left your writing on a very clever cliffhanger and I’d love to know what happened next. Did Kevin continue to blame you for what happened or did he forgive you? Well done. Great writing and I hope you keep writing for the 100 word challenge.
    Ms O’Keeffe (Team 100wc)
    Kinvara Galway Ireland

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