Wk 18- Lucy

100 WC//WK 18


Let’s go for a walk said the woman to the man, it’s a beautiful sweltering hot afternoon.

They were walking along when the woman uttered “I wonder how they made these statues”.


“MADE!! We weren’t made,” said the tallest statue.

“Be quiet,” mumbled the medium size statue.

“I take pride in knowing that everybody comes he to see us,” said the tallest statue in a supercilious tone.

“Would you stop fighting”.

The smallest statue then stated “People will hear you and we will be thrown out”.

“THROWN OUT! We’re statues, we stay still,” argued the tallest statue.


“I don’t know,” declared the man.

“Probably in a factory,” said the Woman hastily.


“We’re human beings,” shouted the tallest statue.

“QUIET,” the medium sized statue repeated.

One thought on “Wk 18- Lucy”

  1. Hi Lucy,

    Great story. Very imaginative use of the picture. Your use of dialogue gave each statue its own personality which is very impressive. Keep up the good work.

    Michael (Team 100wc), Warwick, UK

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