Wk 18 Cathal

The three statues


It was a normal day when these three stone statues could talk. Their names were Jeff, Pat, and Frank. Jeff thought of a funny idea for all three of them. The idea was to say something that was really funny and try not to laugh to it. Jeff went first and said, “Hello I was just wondering if I can have a pizza from McDonald’s and have orange juice with it “. Frank laughed but Pat didn’t. It was Pats turn and he said, “Don’t come near me I’m trying to get biscuits but have no money, can you give me some?” Jeff laughed so hard he nearly died. It was Franks turn and he said, “Hello citizens of the world I am Johnny the Power of Madness.” They all laughed and the second they laughed it started raining. They didn’t care and still laughed on.

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