Wk 18- Aishling

100wc Week 18

It was a normal day for the Robinson family or so they thought. They were a rich family and had a very prosperous business but they were spiteful and cruel. They did not help others and looked down on the poor. One day an old beggar woman came to their house looking for food, they turned her down and left her in the rain. Little did they know she was magic and had the power to turn people into statues. So she knocked on the door the second time and when they declined her again she used her supernatural powers to turn them all into statues. “Mother look at that that girls ugly dress” sneered the statue girl. “ Yes it is simply horrible” agreed the statue mother. “Look a poor old man” laughed the father statue. Even though the Robinson had been turned into statues because of their cruel spirit they still never learned their lesson.

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  1. Is the title you name? My daughter is ‘Aislin’. You made use of some good punctuation – I like the variety.
    Mr. M. (Team 100WC)
    Bedfordshire, UK

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