Wk 15- Mikey

                 World war 3


I followed the Sergeant to my fighter jet . He says everyone’s name and points to their  plane “Khabib over here, that plane right there”. “Hurry up American fighter jets will be in the sky that’s not what we want,”  said Sergeant. We will travel towards Brazil and make our way up to Mexico.  If you are shot, land at the Mexican side of the wall,  there Mexico will lend us their  attack chopper said Sargent. My flight was fine in the beginning, but I was almost made sick when I saw a dead body in Brazil. I’d never seen one of those and I’m in the sky trying to drop bombs and shoot American soldiers. I had to get used to it, I said to myself. As I passed to the  Mexican side of the wall 5 army tanks are waiting for me. Screaming at my microphone I said I’m hit-I crash landed in Mexico. Thankfully I was fine,  I got into an attack chopper but I wasn’t driving.  I had 20 grenades alongside me but I couldn’t do it!