Wk 13- Wojciech

Magic Potato 7

And the ZOLE

5 weeks ago there was a new animals in the zoo. They brought a crocodile and a ZOLE. The ZOLE   is a dangerous type of a mole and the crocodile was a, crocodile really. The ZOLE broke out the next night it went drilling through the innocent people’s homes and eating  their  hot dogs. The world was a world without hot dogs, it was terrible, and there was only one hot dog. It was in an orange school on a wide field. The ZOLE came into the school and attacked the teachers. Within a second Magic Potato came and said “HEY do  you know how to spell COLLAPSED” And the ZOLE  ate  Magic Potato on a hot dog

RAW!!! The end;-)

One thought on “Wk 13- Wojciech”

  1. Hi Wojciech.
    Great story you wrote this week.
    That animal sounds scary.
    Keep up the good work and please comment on my class.
    Shane C 5th Mrs. Boyces class Co. Cork.

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