Wk 13- Lucy

An unforgettable school tour

We were going on a tour with the school and part of the tour was to jump into the Atlantic Ocean. So when it got to the time when we had to jump in I was very nervous but the teacher said I will be fine so I jumped in and there was something wide and looked as if it was orange but it wasn’t. It was a crocodile. It was within a metre of me . I collapsed. I was immediately rushed out of the water and into hospital to see if I was alright (I was). That was the last time I was going on a school tour.

4 thoughts on “Wk 13- Lucy”

  1. Hi Lucy
    That was a really good story
    I liked the way you put in the words in really good spaces
    It reminded me of a film about how the person collapsed in front of a crocodile
    It got me wondering why did you go on the school tour
    Please comment back on my story
    Mrs Boyce class

  2. Hi Lucy
    amazing story
    that school of your’s is very risky on the tour’s
    were you terrified of the crocodile
    Kyle 5th Mrs Boyce’s Class

  3. Hi Lucy I really enjoyed your story.
    I wonder why you were aloud jump in the ocean?
    This reminds me of a holiday of when I went to Egypt.
    Adam Mrs. Boyce’s class

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