Wk 13- Hollie

The Zoo.

One morning my family and I woke up early to go to the zoo. The sun was rising and it was a lovely orange colour. Half way up we stopped for something to eat. Dad said that we would be there within the hour. When we arrived we went to see the elephants first.The baby elephants were so cute. Next we went to see the tigers. We kept the crocodile enclosure till the end. The zookeeper was feeding them when we got there. It was  an amazing thing to see, they really can open their mouths wide. As the zookeeper was leaving the enclosure he forgot to shut the gate. In the blink of an eye two crocodiles escaped. Everyone ran for their lives. There was panic everywhere.When I looked back they were behind us.Eventually the zookeepers captured the crocodiles and made sure they were securely locked in their enclosure.We collapsed on the ground from exhaustion.

6 thoughts on “Wk 13- Hollie”

  1. Hi Hollie
    an amazing story
    loved the way you put in a blink of an eye
    when the zookeeper was feeding the crocodile was it cool?
    Kyle5th mrsboyce’s class

  2. Hi Hollie.
    This story was great.
    I love the zoo.
    It sounded like a brilliant day?.
    By Bryan?.
    6th class Mrs Boyce’s class kanturk cork.
    Ps please visit my blog at the tag that says Bryan at Mrs Boyce class

  3. Hi Hollie I really liked your story
    I loved reading it
    I wonder was that zookeeper fired?
    What happond after you collapsed ?
    Great story bye Shane F

  4. Hi Hollie! This was a really goodand intresting story. I love all the adjectives and how the story suddenly changed.
    If the crocodiles could “escape in the blink of an eye” then no one would come back to the zoo.
    If you want to read my estories then here they are
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

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