#6 100WC Jessica- Dead


She lay on the ground eyes closed not moving no pulse. We had to find out who did this? She looked as if she was dead a long time. A mother and her daughter were walking down a alleyway and there they saw the body. We had only one clue, we found a piece of fabric. The material felt like it was torn off of a jumper. We took the body to the lab and analysed it for fingerprints. Several fingerprints came up but one stood out. There was a fingerprint that was belonging to a that had been in jail before. We tracked down that man and he was found guilty. What a day!!!

#6 100 WC Saoirse- Maya

The gruelling task was done. Maya had been working on this dress for days. She was twelve years old and she and her family lived in poverty. She worked to ensure her family had enough money to buy food. The conditions in the factory were oppressive. Maya was forced to work long hours in the cold damp factory. Once the workers entered the factory the doors were locked. She received a miserable wage for the hours she worked. Her fingers were bloody from the needles. Maya looked at the dress and felt a pang of jealousy what fortunate girl would get to wear this dress ? she thought. The material felt like silk, smooth against her skin.

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