#6 100WC Hollie- New Dress

I couldn’t believe it when I was asked to be bridesmaid for my aunt’s wedding. I was so excited as I was never a bridesmaid before. She said we would go shopping the following Saturday for a dress. I couldn’t wait for Saturday to come.

We headed up to Dublin very early that morning. We looked in a few shops but nothing stood out. It was about lunchtime so we decided to have something to eat and start our search again. Eventually after hours and hours of looking we found the ‘perfect dress’. It was pink in colour, baby pink to be exact and the material felt like so soft and silky. My aunt bought it straight away. I couldn’t wait to show my mom when I got home. I was so happy with it.

#6 100WC Antonia-Polar Bear

There it was, its beautiful white fur coat shimmering in the morning sun. The Polar Bear was truly the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. Carefully, I zoomed my camera in and click, I took the shot. The Polar Bear came striding towards me. Should I run or should I stay? I stayed. It came close enough to reach out my hand and touch him, he flinched, but he didn’t move I stroked him softly in front of his ear were he could see me. Then he turned and ran away. I put my hand back on my coat the material felt like dirt and stones in comparison to the polar bears soft fur.

#6 100WC Cian- Stormy Night

It was a very stormy night in Carrigkerry.I was playing hide and seek with my little sister.I was hiding behind a tree when I took a glance into the woods.I saw an old hovel in the middle of the woods.I sauntered towards it and there was an enormous door.I prowled around the rustic leaves looking for a key.I fell over a rock and landed in a pool of mud.I could feel a object inside the mud. The material felt like  a key.It was small and rusty which surely was the key for the door. I opened it and inside was a big room with some bones of a skeleton on the ground.When I pushed a tiny lever a secret door opened.I went in and suddenly I could hear someone screaming…..

#6 100WC Ryan- Birthday

My friends and I were going to Limerick for my birthday, I was turning twelve.We were going to lifestyle sports and go karting.I couldn’t wait.So I set off for bed wondering what type of day it would be.


I woke up the next morning and got ready to go out to Limerick.I collected five of my friends.It was half one when we were in limerick and couldn’t wait for the go karting.We walked into go karting watched a safety video and put our helmets on and jumper.While we were racing I bumped into my friend causing him to spin in circles.When it was over the man who was in charge of our race showed us who won, (and the winner is, Ryan.)


After we went to lifestyle sports.I really wanted new boots.I had forty five euro to spend.As I was browsing I saw a pair of boots on the shelf,I went over to see how much they were.Forty five euro.Just enough to get them.The material felt like it was rough.I tried them on and they fit,so I bought them.I brought my freinds home and the day was coming to a end. (That was the best birthday of my life.)

#6 100WC Wojciech- Magic Potato 3

Magic Potato 3

And The Ruthless Carmelozaur

Magic Potato was Fighting crime as usual. Once he was elected president so he got a time machine and he touched it. The material felt like cold, hard smooth stone . He jumped into the  time machine and pressed “555‚009‚743.366666789 BC” and with a huge electric explosion he appeared in the Jurassic! As he went out he saw a baby stegosaurus eating grass. And out of nowhere a Carmelozaur came and ate the stegosaurus!The carmelozaur ran after M.P . Potato started to fly and he flew off a cliff. Carmelozaur fell off the cliff . Then more Carmelozaurs came and they ate him RAW!!!

The End