Wk 15- Cormac

                A letter from the war


Dear mother and father I miss you both dearly  . In the beginning i thought it was  going to be fine but i was wrong . It was my new squadrons first flight me and my squadron had been flying for hours still no sign of the Luftwaffe. Our spitfires were running low on fuel so we had to land to refuel. We were in Nazi territory now. It wasn’t safe to land. We would have to travel to France but there was no time. We had to land now,we spotted a warehouse it must contain all the goods we needed. We landed about a mile from  the warehouse. When we arrived  I saw an open window. Liam was the smallest so he crept in and opened the side door. There was a truck in there ,no fuel. We Decided to check the truck I clambered inside and there was canisters full of fuel we were saved. But then the truck started moving .            



Wk 15- Jessica


In the  beginning there was Sprite. Sprite wasn’t just a normal kid, he was a superhero and as he grew older his powers grew stronger. He also had a twin brother called Blight but they were separated at birth and have never seen each other. His mother couldn’t afford to keep both of them and had to choose one so she chose Sprite. Sprite scuppered thieves plans, saved lives and worked part time at a supermarket. Also Blight, Sprites brother was a super villain. But Sprite didn’t know it was his brother, he just thought is was a bad man in a mask. Anyway today Sprite was moving into an apartment after his shift at the supermarket and he couldn’t wait! He had waited so long to move out of his mother’s house and the day had finally come! Sprites shift is finished and now he’s headed off to meet his roommate he was so excited. He entered the apartment and said “Hi my name is Sprite what’s yours”. He answered “Blight”, they both burst out laughing and said what a coincidence. But little did they know they were brothers and enemies.

Wk 15- Lucy

100WC WK 15


There isn’t a vague memory in my head of the day…


In the beginning I got up, brushed my teeth , ate my breakfast and cycled to work.

I worked as a  store assistant in a shop, I didn’t mind my job, it certainly wasn’t the worst job ever.

I didn’t usually listen to the radio at work but this one story caught my ear. There was Three Million euros in a lottery ticket to be claimed in Tesco, I suddenly remembered I had bought a Tesco lottery ticket. I quickly ran to Tesco. It was thronged with people eager to check their tickets. The crowds were causing great havoc. When it came to my turn I put in my ticket and suddenly , the machine went ding ,ding, ding, for a second my heart stopped beating I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had won!!

It was an incredulous moment.

Wk 15- Antonia

Antonia M:100WC


Now go back to the beginning the detective asked calmly. Alright in the beginning I was cycling home when my bike got punctured outside the Old Woods, when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a black cloak swishing out of sight. My curiosity got the better of me and I found myself following. At the time I didn’t know the murderer was aware I was following. It was then I realised she had a weapon and the reality of what I was doing kicked in I was just about to turn around when-’You found the dead body,’ the detective finished for me.

Wk 15- Victoria

100wc WK.15

This story was set in Dublin 1994. It was just a normal day on the roads of O’Connell Street. The sun was glaring down on my face. I was bored so I decided to call for my friend Caoimhe. When I was walking down by her estate I saw something strange. I could see that Caoimhe’s back gate was open! This was strange because Caoimhe has a dog so maybe the dog escaped! So I decided to quickly call for Caoimhe and ask why her gate is opened. I knocked on the door and waited there. There was no answer. So I decided that I would walk in the back gate. When I walked in the back gate I saw the most awful thing that had happened! Caoimhe’s dog had passed away. At the beginning I thought it was a joke but it wasn’t. Jay was dead…….