Wk 18 Cathal

The three statues


It was a normal day when these three stone statues could talk. Their names were Jeff, Pat, and Frank. Jeff thought of a funny idea for all three of them. The idea was to say something that was really funny and try not to laugh to it. Jeff went first and said, “Hello I was just wondering if I can have a pizza from McDonald’s and have orange juice with it “. Frank laughed but Pat didn’t. It was Pats turn and he said, “Don’t come near me I’m trying to get biscuits but have no money, can you give me some?” Jeff laughed so hard he nearly died. It was Franks turn and he said, “Hello citizens of the world I am Johnny the Power of Madness.” They all laughed and the second they laughed it started raining. They didn’t care and still laughed on.

Wk 18- Aishling

100wc Week 18

It was a normal day for the Robinson family or so they thought. They were a rich family and had a very prosperous business but they were spiteful and cruel. They did not help others and looked down on the poor. One day an old beggar woman came to their house looking for food, they turned her down and left her in the rain. Little did they know she was magic and had the power to turn people into statues. So she knocked on the door the second time and when they declined her again she used her supernatural powers to turn them all into statues. “Mother look at that that girls ugly dress” sneered the statue girl. “ Yes it is simply horrible” agreed the statue mother. “Look a poor old man” laughed the father statue. Even though the Robinson had been turned into statues because of their cruel spirit they still never learned their lesson.

Wk 15- Mikey

                 World war 3


I followed the Sergeant to my fighter jet . He says everyone’s name and points to their  plane “Khabib over here, that plane right there”. “Hurry up American fighter jets will be in the sky that’s not what we want,”  said Sergeant. We will travel towards Brazil and make our way up to Mexico.  If you are shot, land at the Mexican side of the wall,  there Mexico will lend us their  attack chopper said Sargent. My flight was fine in the beginning, but I was almost made sick when I saw a dead body in Brazil. I’d never seen one of those and I’m in the sky trying to drop bombs and shoot American soldiers. I had to get used to it, I said to myself. As I passed to the  Mexican side of the wall 5 army tanks are waiting for me. Screaming at my microphone I said I’m hit-I crash landed in Mexico. Thankfully I was fine,  I got into an attack chopper but I wasn’t driving.  I had 20 grenades alongside me but I couldn’t do it!

Wk 15- Wojciech

MAGIC potato



In the beginning he was just a normal sweet potato. But it was thrown it away by child. One day there was a toxic leak in the dumps. And on this day sweet potato came to life. And one day he said to himself that he make people die and stuff. So he ask some sweetcorn to help with him take over the world and they said ok. So they grabbed some Doritos swords and spears and they started the apocalypse. Set fire to the old buildings and kidnapped the frightened children. There was chaos and panic. People need help, help from the one and only… Magic Potato. So magic potato came and had a fight with the sweet potato that it shook Earth itself. On the end both sides were badly damaged but sweet potato and his gang Radway but never to be seen again. To be continued…???

Wk 15- Kelly

 The Creature                                                                               

 I remember it like it was yesterday, I was just going for a walk when I turned around the corner of my road. I saw this mysterious figure walking out of a house and it was an old woman named Ms.Skully. She was the sweetest woman I’ve ever met, but she never married.  I wondered why the creature would be walking out of her house . I had completely forgotten that I was out in the open so me being me I threw myself behind the wall of her house.  The creature looked elegant. It had a long cloak being dragged across the pavement underneath it. I blinked and then it just disappeared right in front of my eyes.  I ran back home the second I opened my eyes and saw it was gone.  I still wonder to this day if it was Ms.Skully. I suppose I’ll never know.