#6 100WC Antonia-Polar Bear

There it was, its beautiful white fur coat shimmering in the morning sun. The Polar Bear was truly the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. Carefully, I zoomed my camera in and click, I took the shot. The Polar Bear came striding towards me. Should I run or should I stay? I stayed. It came close enough to reach out my hand and touch him, he flinched, but he didn’t move I stroked him softly in front of his ear were he could see me. Then he turned and ran away. I put my hand back on my coat the material felt like dirt and stones in comparison to the polar bears soft fur.

#6 100 WC Saoirse- Maya

The gruelling task was done. Maya had been working on this dress for days. She was twelve years old and she and her family lived in poverty. She worked to ensure her family had enough money to buy food. The conditions in the factory were oppressive. Maya was forced to work long hours in the cold damp factory. Once the workers entered the factory the doors were locked. She received a miserable wage for the hours she worked. Her fingers were bloody from the needles. Maya looked at the dress and felt a pang of jealousy what fortunate girl would get to wear this dress ? she thought. The material felt like silk, smooth against her skin.