#6 100WC Jessica- Dead


She lay on the ground eyes closed not moving no pulse. We had to find out who did this? She looked as if she was dead a long time. A mother and her daughter were walking down a alleyway and there they saw the body. We had only one clue, we found a piece of fabric. The material felt like it was torn off of a jumper. We took the body to the lab and analysed it for fingerprints. Several fingerprints came up but one stood out. There was a fingerprint that was belonging to a that had been in jail before. We tracked down that man and he was found guilty. What a day!!!

3 thoughts on “#6 100WC Jessica- Dead”

  1. well done Jessica! I really enjoyed your 100 word challenge. it was a very captivating murder mystery.
    keep up the good work!

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