Wk 5- Wojciech


I have this thing and it was special to me,
It likes to drink water but not tea,
It also keeps me warm,
Like the fluffiest piece of yarn,
It reminds me of a unicorn!

He has fluffy feet,
And he never stops to eat,
It helps me when I’m down,
Making a face like a clown,
My good friend is like a cloud.


It has small yet great eyes,
Eyes, which would never tell lies,
And he has a lovely smile,
I hope he’ll be able to fly,
For now, I’ll just give him a pie.


BY Wojciech

Wk 5- Kate

Week 5
I could be a piece of furniture.I take up a lot of space.I am very broad.I have a lot of keys. Some might be black and some might be white.I have two pedals but I am not a bike.The sounds i make could resonate around a concert hall.My cousin is always bored and he thinks he is cooler than me.His ivory keys may look real but mine are better quality.

WK 5- Jack

My most valuable item

I love them
I use them everyday
Especially when I play
There black and white
Not very bright.

When I got them was recent
But there fairly decent
I got them for matches
And tearing up grass patches.

I got them in town
When their price had gone down
They can be used in December or Spring
For pretty much anything.

So today I brought to you this rhyme
To pass the time
Turns out I’m a poet
And I didn’t even know it.


Wk 5- Antonia


Antonia M:100WC WK5

A Memory

Just lying there all rusty and old,
Sure for it once was glimmering gold.
Now I think back to when I first heard your story,
Back in your proud and shining glory.
Ringing loud and clear, crisp and sound,
Still vivid and fresh in my memories bound.
I hear you now to signal our play,
To be on time and to end the school day.
I still hear the ring in memories past,
Your time went by so very fast.
Now you sit idle and tall,
Never again to ring out your call.