Wk 3- Aishling

The dream

She was falling,wait was she down or up she couldn’t seem to figure it out. She felt sick and dizzy at the same time. Her head pounded and the was a ringing sound in her ears. Suddenly she stopped falling and was in a dimly lit room it was difficult to see anything but if she focused enough she could see the shape of a door. All of a sudden she was being dragged towards the door. “Welcome my dear”,said a strange looking man in a professor coat “I am Professor Purple,what’s your name”,he asked. Suddenly her voice faltered, “E-Emily”,she stuttered. She looked around his lab there was all sorts of things there crocodile teeth,rats tails and bird feathers. “What sort of mad pace is this….?”

Wk 3- Kate

The Crazy Professor

There once was a crazy mad professor who would always be doing crazy experiments on stuff. One day he went to get a crocodile.He said it would be difficult but he was still going to try it. He said he would put the crocodile into purple paint while he twisted it around. Then he said he was going to cast a spell on his purple crocodile and see what would happen. He predicted that his crocodile would be an artist. Then nothing happened!After an hour. All of a sudden it exploded with the crocodile skin and purple paint going all over the crazy mad professor. Who will remain nameless……

Wk 3-Kelly

I was going on a visit to family of mine in Kúsadasí Turkey. There was not a cloud in the sky, we rented a Black BMW X5 for this occasion. We were driving on for another hour or two. The sky was a beautiful shade of purple whilst the sun was setting. My Mom and Dad told my brother and I that there was a lake less than a mile away from them. I just hope there’s no crocodiles. We finally got to my grand uncles home. There was an old twisted oak tree at the side of his homely cottage. He came outside and greeted us. He was an old man. He had a wooden walking stick. You could tell he found it difficult to take hold of the walking stick. He was telling us stories about when he was growing up. He told us he was a professor when he was in his early twenties. I heard a car pull up and I saw a black Ford Focus pulling in. I knew my family was there. I had never been to Turkey let alone meet my mom’s side of family, I wasn’t  very good at socialising, that was a problem.

Wk 3- Jessica

100wc week #3

Twisted ‍professor purple

Today was the day we were bringing our pets to school. Our teacher’s name was Professor Smith and he was a bit crazy. I was bringing in my pet pug Milo. So as I was walking into school when I saw my friend with her pet rabbit. The rabbit was tied to a leash and it looked like it was finding it difficult to walk. I was shocked when I walked into the classroom. Professor Smith had a pet crocodile at his side with purple sunglasses on his head and a multi coloured baseball cap. I turned pale… My teacher had a twisted mind.

Wk 3- Victoria

The eerie animal

It was just a normal day in Bridge Street Brooklyn. It was my cousin’s birthday. We were going to the zoo. When we got to the zoo.we said we’ll go and eat. We were sitting at the table. When my aunt said we’re going my cousin quaffed his drink really quickly.After he drank his drink he twisted the cork on the bottle. After that we went to the tourist section and we met Professor Donal. He was the man that was going to bring us around. It was difficult to get through the gates because you had to have a code. While we were passing by all the interesting animals there was a weird animal at the left side it looked like a purple crocodile. ‘That’s seems weird,’ said my aunt. Where did the animal come fro? Who knows…….?


By Victoria