WK 30- Aoife

I was staying at my aunt’s house for the weekend because my parents were on holidays. I strolled around the garden while she was cooking the dinner. A few minutes later she called me to go in for dinner. I went in, sat down and asked what was for dinner. She said we’re having soup. I was delighted because I love soup. She put the soup in front of me. I blowed on it to cool it down, got a spoon and tasted it. It was horrible. I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting.

Wk 30 – Jessica



Oh my god first day of secondary school!! I was so excited. But I was really excited for home economics I loved baking it was my favourite hobby. I walked into school and home ec was the first subject! As I walked into the cooking room I felt a warm tingle inside me. The teacher said we were going to make some banana bread with whipped cream. I couldn’t wait to get started. We crushed bananas in a bowl but I accidentally spilt some paprika in it and it all the bans turned brown. Then I spilt some coffee powder into my mix and spilt some orange juice on the pan. I baked it with high hopes but when I cut it in half a hair came out and the teacher saw! I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting 🙁

Wk 30 – Victoria

The hotel

Today we were in a hotel because we were on holidays. It was a nice day the sun was beaming on my face. We all got up from the bed first time we were having breakfast at this hotel. We all got up and got dressed. Then we went down to the buffet. I ordered toast, bacon,and eggs. We waited a few minutes then our food came. Everyone’s food was normal except for mine. This was weird. How could I eat something so disgusting . I said I’d taste it. I was so scared what is this?? I took a bite, ‘Eeewww,’ it was so disgusting. If something looks weird DON’T EAT IT.

Wk 30- Wojciech

The  unlucky kid

I have the worst stepmother in the world. My older sister once forgot her homework and my stepmother threw her in a coffin with breagthingholes and she put the coffin under a beach so she would suffocate. It all started when I was coming back from school. I saw a bee and I fainted. 5mins later I woke up. I had to be at​ home in 6·729005 mins. So I had to go through the haunted ice-cream factory. Inside there was​ a robotic blobfish  with two hooks and a skinny body which a ghoulish smile. I ran through the ice cream factory quickly but  it’s with it’s two hooks it made a scar and it ripped off my ankle but I couldn’t stop so I ran and I ran and they stopped at my house. I saw stepmother​ screaming “You’re late by 0·00002 secs!!!” and she said “Guess what’s for dinner, DORITOS!!!!!!!!!” I couldn’t just eat something so delicious. I ate one. Then she stuffed Doritos into my mouth. The Doritos filled my lungs  and my stepmother set Doritos on fire. I died.

Wk 30- Lauren

Grandma’s special meal


It was the 8th of December.We had gotten one of the most harsh and cruel winters.I had to travel to my grandmother’s for the Christmas months.I didn’t really mind going to my grandmother’s but whenever I have Christmas dinner at grandma’s it was torture.The brussel sprouts were out of date for months,the turkey was so burnt it looked like a pigeon and the potatoes were just like lumps of dirt.I couldn’t say no to her when she went to the effort of making this meal for me but I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting.But I had to eat grandma’s special meal.