WK 26- Gavin

The day it all happened


As we walked through the eerie forest there was a man with a mask and all white clothes. I thought to myself, “Why would he be going into a muddy forest with clean cloths?” He had a mysterious object in his right arm. As I trotted closer to him he began to clinch the object. He swung the object to hit me but there was a noise. It was very loud. It was like a building falling. I pursued him into the forest. But he stopped.He dropped dead on the spot. It was a snake. I sprinted for my life I taught after a while, “How could something so tiny kill him………?”

Wk 26- Lauren



“Stay here,”a shallow voice called out to me.The war had been going on for quite sometime now and I had grown immune to people saying stay here.As I await the return of my friend I stay in the cold and eerie cave we had now called our home. The only thing to protect me was my miniature Pomeranian dog Cassidy.We had heard footsteps go by several times.Someone had stumbled upon me and Cassidy.Then Cassidy lashed out a monstrous bark. I said in my mind,“but how can something so tiny let out such a deafening bark.”

Wk 26-Megan

100 word challenge !!

One summer morning I strolled the street of Ballybunion with my siblings. We were going for breakfast and after that we were going to the beach . We had a caravan there and my friends had caravans also. The sun was splitting the rocks as we walked down the town. We came back home after and got ready for the beach. When we got back there was a fire beside our caravan.Somebody lit a match. It wasn’t a big fire but someone got hurt . How can something so tiny cause this …….

The end .

Wk 26- Jessica


I was late for work!! My alarm clock didn’t go off and I only realised 30 minutes after. I jumped out of bed and darted out the door got my clothes on, ate my breakfast and got the keys to my car. I ran to my car as fast as I could but then only noticed I had no petrol in my car. I decided to run to my office and it took me 10 minutes!! But today everyone was outside of the building. Someone had lit a match and it set off the fire alarm and everyone had to be evacuated. But how can something so tiny set off an alarm. My boss hadn’t noticed I wasn’t there so I was saved.

Hollie Wk 26


One day my aunt asked my mom to babysit my baby cousin for a night. They arrived at our house the next day with loads of stuff for the baby. I never knew that a baby could have so much stuff. I was so excited to help out with my new baby cousin. He was so tiny. He slept for most of the day. When it came to night time it was a different story. He roared the place down. Every time my mom picked him up he stopped and when she put him down he started screaming again. That continued for the whole night. I was shattered when I woke the next morning. I loved helping out with my baby cousin but how can something so tiny make so much noise.