Wk 20- Katie C



I woke up one morning. I heard a noise. I didn’t know what it was. It was a loud noise.It was a gun shot.I ran down to the kitchen and my mom told me “Go back up to your room, you will be safe up there.”When I went back up to my room I heard screams coming from across the road.They had been shot.I was extremely scared.My mam came up and said quick get into the wardrobe and lock it. When a few hours passed I opened the door of the wardrobe. I went into my moms room. When I went in I saw she had died I pleaded for her to come back.

Wk 20- Aishling

The robbery

I was a teacher at my local school and I loved my job.One night as I was finishing some work I heard a crash.The first time I took no notice but the second time the noise was so loud, I had to go investigate.It seemed the noise was coming from the yard.I nervously pushed the door open my hands shaking as I did so.As I walked out I saw two people in black outfits.Robbers I immediately thought,one was tall and plump, the other small and thin.`Hey’ I shouted my voice a lot squeakier than I would have liked `What are you doing ‘I asked. ‘Nothing that concerns you’ the tall one answered. Suddenly the the tall plump one was beside with a gun in his hand.`don’t move or I will shoot.So I stood there my body trembling with fear.`What will you do with me?I asked.Then I heard a gunshot,I was half expecting to be dead.But to my surprise it was the two robbers on the ground clutching their arms as that’s where they had been shot.`We weren’t gonna shot you’ he said `We were only gonna rob the school.’ he’ whined like a toddler. Suddenly a hand was on my shoulder

` Are you alright’ asked a policeman .`Yes I am fine’ I said. Finally I went home and I was so exhausted I fell asleep.

Wk 20-Mikey

It was a tiring night , I had just got back from a disco and all I wanted to do was go to bed.  In the middle of the night I heard a noise,  the noise was so loud basically everyone woke up.  I looked out my window and then suddenly scampered away. It was a huge tornado!  The tornado was taking houses apart left right and centre.  We went into our basement and all waited.  My friends were battered and bruised and we thought our house fell down when we heard a window smash,  but I said the house hasn’t fallen down, the noise was just somebody’s furniture going through our window thankfully I was right or was I …..

Wk 20- Hollie

The carnival


One Sunday afternoon my family and I decided to go to the carnival. There was huge crowds at the carnival because the weather was glorious. I went on the bumper cars first with my dad. It was great fun. Then I had a go at the shooting range. I was shocked to win a prize because I never won anything before. The next ride I really wanted to go on was the roller coaster. There was a massive queue for it. I was queuing for about twenty minutes when suddenly there was a deafening bang.. the noise was so loud I let a shriek out of me. The rollercoaster had stopped. Everyone that was on it was screaming for help. I heard someone behind me say that the fire brigade and ambulance were on their way…

Wk 20- Wojciech

Magic Potato

And the  Atomic Sonic Bionic Toxic Blobfish

One night DR. Sloth  was making a crazy creation It would be the  most atomic, bionic , toxic creation EVER!!! It was a blobfish. It was going towards the school. The Blobfish ate the 7 screaming teachers. The blobfish made a sick , gooey, maximumly loud burp. The noise was so loud that Magic Potato heard it from the moon. He flew down to earth. When he saw the blobfish he said “ Ok just do it, eat me, squash me, or whatever, I’m sick of dying.” The Blobfish felt sorry for Magic Potato so he let magic potato live. Magic potato was so happy that he danced on road. And then… a cow was running across the road and hit him killing him instantly. So children don’t dance on roads.?

The End ?!?!?!