Wk 20- Nathan

It was Halloween night and my friends and I were wandering through the forest. I brought my dog along with me just in case my friends wandered off but I think my dog had a premonition of what was going to happen as we sauntered through the forest. We reached an old abandoned house. Half of the house was demolished but we still decided to go inside. We crept inside but all of a sudden there was a crash coming from upstairs. The noise was so loud that we ran home.

Wk 20-Kate P

I was coming from my friends house.It was a beautiful day.

The sun was bright and there was just a few clouds in the sky.

I was day dreaming looking at my dog running ahead of me.

Out of nowhere.I heard a noise.The noise was so loud.It

sounded like rolling and banging of large tanks.I rushed to the

gate of my house all I could see were piece’s of the gardening

shed blowing away.Then it got very dark.I thought it was a

tornado.I ran in the back door.Luckily it was only a thunder and

lightning storm.I felt foolish.

Wk 20-Jessica

What was this?


This was great! Me on the Titanic. Even though it was third class it was still a great experience. One night as I was enjoying my dinner there was a big thump. Then suddenly there was lots of screaming! The noise was SO loud. We were all so scared.We managed to get to the top of the deck but unfortunately we didn’t get a lifeboat. We jumped into the freezing cold water. 30 minutes passed, my muscles gave up.I drew my last breath and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean cold and forgotten.

Wk 20- Victoria

Today me and my friend, Caoimhe decided that we would go out for a walk .We were walking down the road having a chat, giggling and laughing .We were having a great so we said that we would go to the park. We headed up before we went we went in to Hayes to get a few sweets. We got our sweets and went to the park. We were passing past the the playground then there was a big BANG. The noise was so loud that I nearly went deaf. Who knows what it was?

Wk 20-Megan

It was Halloween night one of the scariest nights of all time . My friends and I were trick or treating. We had gone to a few houses but the next house was down the road around 5 minutes to walk there . We finally got there. When we opened the door we heard a loud noise. We shouted was there anyone home no one replied we then walked around ,it was really creepy. My friend saw a door that was half opened ,she called us and we went in . There was a person there with a black long coat on and black long hair. We screamed and ran out. We finally got out. I rang my mom and she collected us and we got home safe .