Wk13- Aoife


During my summer holidays my family and I went on a safari trip. We left the hotel early so that we could spend lots of time at the safari. It was a ten minute drive from the hotel and when we got there we had to hop on a wide orange bus with many different families. The driver warned us of the dangers of the safari before leaving. First we came to a pond and there were two crocodiles there they were extremely big. Just after the bus drove away from the pond the woman in the seat behind me collapsed and the bus had to turn around and go home because she needed to go to hospital, but we still had a great time

Wk 13-Antonia

The Amazon

It was so hot and humid.  The sun shone a deep orange.  There were no more wide open spaces, the trees were so tall and big…. I felt tired and weak, I felt like I would collapse. I think the heat was getting to me. I saw a river nearby. My water bottle was nearly empty. I needed to fill it up and it didn’t look like I would see any other fresh water anytime soon. When I got to the river, I bent down and started to fill up my water, I was oblivious to the crocodile within the river…