Wk 13- Hollie

The Zoo.

One morning my family and I woke up early to go to the zoo. The sun was rising and it was a lovely orange colour. Half way up we stopped for something to eat. Dad said that we would be there within the hour. When we arrived we went to see the elephants first.The baby elephants were so cute. Next we went to see the tigers. We kept the crocodile enclosure till the end. The zookeeper was feeding them when we got there. It was  an amazing thing to see, they really can open their mouths wide. As the zookeeper was leaving the enclosure he forgot to shut the gate. In the blink of an eye two crocodiles escaped. Everyone ran for their lives. There was panic everywhere.When I looked back they were behind us.Eventually the zookeepers captured the crocodiles and made sure they were securely locked in their enclosure.We collapsed on the ground from exhaustion.

Wk 13- Robyn

One day as I was sauntering home in the bitterly cold winter weather, I walked through the  forest as I usually did. I  stumbled upon a garden. This garden was no ordinary garden, it was a gardenfull of vibrant flowers and bright green trees with a crocodile statue. At first I thought I was imagining things since it was winter and everywhere else was dull and cold. As I ambled through the garden it started  , getting warmer and warmer. Then I came across a wide path that lead to a small orange cottage. I took one more step and everything around me collapsed within the space of a few seconds. I walked home and ever since that day I wondered what happened.

Wk 13- Lucy

An unforgettable school tour

We were going on a tour with the school and part of the tour was to jump into the Atlantic Ocean. So when it got to the time when we had to jump in I was very nervous but the teacher said I will be fine so I jumped in and there was something wide and looked as if it was orange but it wasn’t. It was a crocodile. It was within a metre of me . I collapsed. I was immediately rushed out of the water and into hospital to see if I was alright (I was). That was the last time I was going on a school tour.

Wk 13- Wojciech

Magic Potato 7

And the ZOLE

5 weeks ago there was a new animals in the zoo. They brought a crocodile and a ZOLE. The ZOLE   is a dangerous type of a mole and the crocodile was a, crocodile really. The ZOLE broke out the next night it went drilling through the innocent people’s homes and eating  their  hot dogs. The world was a world without hot dogs, it was terrible, and there was only one hot dog. It was in an orange school on a wide field. The ZOLE came into the school and attacked the teachers. Within a second Magic Potato came and said “HEY do  you know how to spell COLLAPSED” And the ZOLE  ate  Magic Potato on a hot dog

RAW!!! The end;-)

wk 13- Leanne

We were on a safari in Africa.It was class.We hopped on the safari boat without hesitating.We noticed loads of wild animals and beautiful orange trees.The first animal we saw was a crocodile.We explored within the area looking at other animals.But guess what we saw.A bunch of buffaloes rampaging at us.I allmost collapsed with the shock.The safari driver shouted “quickly get back on the boat!” We sprinted to the boat.With all the commotion I could hardly hear my self think.Thank God we are all ok.No more safaris for me!