Wk 13- Saoirse W

A little problem

Stick to the orange route marked on your map. A simple instruction from our guide, but then again I was never one to abide by the rules. From within our jeep the rope bridge appeared to be wide. Little did we know the predicament we would soon encounter. I flinched as my brother Mark brought the jeep to an abrupt halt. One glimpse at the frayed rope told me our journey was at an end. Up ahead the bridge had collapsed and with no chance of reversing the jeep it looked like we would become lunch judging by the deathly stare of the crocodile who occupied the lake below us….

Wk 13- Gavin

It was just a normal day in Ardagh. Suddenly things went weird. There was a orange crocodile heading for the hall. The building had collapsed in the horizon. I had spotted everything. Just as I had looked around I saw a wide S.W.A.T. Van coming. The had steal ropes and AK47s. They brought me away to question me about what had just happened. We went to Shannon airport and were heading to a place unknown. Suddenly the engines cut off and as the plane was about to crash I woke up it was all just a dream.

Wk 13- Lauren

The dark wood

It was nearly 2:30 in the morning.My friend Jenny,and I were getting ready to sneak out at 3:00am.

As we waited for 3:00am to come with talked about what it would be like to be outside at that time.We opened out the door and snuck out.There was a wide entrance to the dark wood.There was all types of trees in this wood.Jenny shone her torch on the ground and we saw orange leaves. It was Autumn so this wasn’t unusual in the dark wood.We made sure to not go near the lake because at night the crocodiles came up out of the water looking for prey.Within the dark wood our torches started to flicker and we started to get scared.Jenny was so scared she nearly collapsed. She was starting to freak out.Finally she calmed down and we left the dark wood.

Wk- 13 Kate P

I was walking gingerly along the Amazon

forest with my backpack.Suddenly I noticed a wide

river.It was calm and still.”Great” I thought I’ll

have my picnic here.I was exhausted and the air

humid.Then I had an unexpected guest!.I

nearly collapsed and I could feel my heart beating

within my chest.It was an enormous Crocodile,with

even more enormous teeth.I sprinted to the nearest

tree I could find and jumped on to it like a monkey.

The Crocodile was beneath me I plucked an orange

from the tree and I threw the orange at him and

knocked him out!.

Wk 13- Kelly

My trip to the jungle

I was going to the jungle.  It was September the 16th 2016.  I was going to an African jungle. The name was The Congo.  I was on the plane it was an interesting trip flying from Ireland to Africa.  It was a different kind of holiday. I had a strange feeling about it.  We got to the airport there was a lot of bamboo around the place.  I got to my hut that is kind of an orange colour my hut was within the jungle.  There was a lake beside it there is a caution sign reading “CAUTION Crocodiles- Swim at your own risk.”  The lake was very wide and there was mountains over the horizon.  I heard crackling noises behind me I turned around to notice that my hut collapsed.  What am I going to do now?, I turned back to the lake and there was a Crocodile behind me!