WK8- Wojciech

Magic potato 5
the haunted school bus
One Halloween night , a thunderstorm was outside. However it was a very rare type of a thunderstorm. One purple lightning hit a school bus. The lightning went into the robotic inside the school bus causing it to come to life. The school bus came down the road eating all the children on the way. Then magic potato threw a yellow rubber chicken. Remarkably, Magic Potato discovered that the haunted school bus was allergic to yellow rubber chickens. It screamed in pain, well it was more like are robotic roar then a scream. It fell on the ground, not moving. Then it ate gingerly Magic Potato !!! (Raw)

Wk8 – Cormac

The green knight
It was New Year’s Eve,in the kingdom of Connacht. The king was holding a remarkable feast. There was music played and dancing later. All of a sudden a giant knight sauntered into the hall however, the strangest thing about him – he was completely green.He took a quick glance around the table he roared, ” which of you will play a new year’s Eve game?,you chop off my head I chop off yours”. No one wanted to play this game. But he refused to leave. Finally, sir Gawain agreed,gingerly. Seizing the yellow axe,he sliced off the giant’s head. Everyone gasped, the giant’s body bent down, and picked up the green head. Then Sir Gawain realised that the giant…was the green knight.

Wk 8-Aishling

Strange woods
Mary and Sarah were walking along the frosty footpath. Their Mother had always told them not to go to old man’s Brook. But Mary was bored, “let’s go down to old man’s brook.” said Mary. “But Mother told us not to,” protested Sarah. “ But she doesn’t have to know does she.”said Mary. So they went down there. Mary pushed open the old door of the abandoned house and stepped inside Sarah after her. Mary discovered a yellow pool of water in the middle of the floor. “Please don’t touch it,”pleaded Sarah. However Mary being curious gingerly put her finger inside the pool of water. Suddenly her hand began to tingle. “Let’s get out of here. ”said Sarah. For once Mary agreed. They ran all the way home. Remarkably when they got home Mary’s hand felt fine. They wouldn’t be going back there.

Wk 8- Saoirse

I woke up early on a cold, frosty Autumn morning.It felt like a normal morning until I walked over to the mirror and discovered that on my nose there was a giant pimple! I screamed and fell into the bath, banging my head hard off the sink.I yelped in pain. I took a step gingerly towards the mirror once more. To my horror there was now a purple lump on my head to match the pimple.I stormed towards my parents room and knocked gently on the door.When no one answered I barged in. However my parents were not in the room. Instead there was a strange woman. In her hand she brandished a jar with remarkable yellow fluid. Then I felt wobbly and collapsed onto the floor……

wk 8-Kelly


Dear Diary

Today was the big day….I was moving.  I was moving to Belfast.  I am scared.  I don’t want to leave my friends.  What if I don’t make any friends? What if….My dad’s calling me, time to start packing.  We have so many boxes.  Yellow is my favourite colour but I don’t think I’ll use it in my room.  I’m thinking of blue and purple, I don’t know yet.  It is a Saturday evening.  I need to fold up my clothes.  My new house was a two storey while my old one is a bungalow.  We are going to our house now.  I opened the door gingerly.  We didn’t have all the boxes yet.  We discovered that my bed wouldn’t come in for another two days.  We went to walk down to my ‘School’.  It looked like a nice place but it was dull.  Since we moved and our house Is bigger, I’m getting a puppy. I’m going to call him Keano. He is a rescue dog.  It’s remarkable how many dogs need a home.

Wish me luck!