Welcome to our 100WC blog. The children in 5th/6th class in St. Molua’s NS, Ardagh will be posting their challenges here. Each week the children receive a prompt and must use this in their writing. We hope you enjoy reading all their pieces. Please leave some comments to encourage them with their creative writing.

Wk 18- Cormac

100wc-Wk 18

It  was a matter of time before this happened to us. There was an awful    

plague going around our tow. It was spreading person from person. The

disease was known as statue-itis. It spreads by water and at some point

everyone has to drink water. The town’s population was rapidly decreasing.

There was no known antidote so if you caught it there was no going back.

The symptoms were cold hands,scratchy throat and blue spots.

All of town has the symptoms and it’s only a matter of time until the

whole town has turned into statues and all that would be left

would be cold lifeless statues.

Wk 18- Lucy

100 WC//WK 18


Let’s go for a walk said the woman to the man, it’s a beautiful sweltering hot afternoon.

They were walking along when the woman uttered “I wonder how they made these statues”.


“MADE!! We weren’t made,” said the tallest statue.

“Be quiet,” mumbled the medium size statue.

“I take pride in knowing that everybody comes he to see us,” said the tallest statue in a supercilious tone.

“Would you stop fighting”.

The smallest statue then stated “People will hear you and we will be thrown out”.

“THROWN OUT! We’re statues, we stay still,” argued the tallest statue.


“I don’t know,” declared the man.

“Probably in a factory,” said the Woman hastily.


“We’re human beings,” shouted the tallest statue.

“QUIET,” the medium sized statue repeated.

Wk 18- Tadgh

    100wc week 18

It was the year of 1966.In a small village in Singapore a family of three lived.One day the family decided to go out for a walk.While they were walking they passed a man dressed as a Wizard. The wizard shouted ‘Step right up I need a volunteer,”the family volunteered and had to stand still while he waved his wand and said the words ‘Abracadabra”,Nothing happened at first but suddenly they turned to stone.The man ran away never to be seen again.Although the family was now stone they were still able to talk and to this day people still stop to have a conversation.

Wk 18- Saoirse

My trip to Singapore


Finally, the day came. I was so excited. Mam was bringing me to Singapore for my birthday present. I wanted to go to Singapore because of the food and culture. When we got off the plane we got a taxi to our hotel. The hotel was so cool, it was a capsule hotel so it was like you got your own little room all to yourself. After we checked in Mam decided we should go for food. We found a small quaint like café. Outside the café were three statues that looked like a family. “How about here,” said Mam.

“It looks nice,”

“Ya, I hope they have pancakes,” I said as I walked through the door.

Wk 18- Jessica

Jessica.M  100wc

Today I was going to Singapore to work on my new technology show called “Tech Tuesday.” it’s all about technology and all the newest gadgets and gizmos that’s out there . But today it was something a little different . I was going to a factory where apple products are made and see how they are manufactured and the conditions the workers are in. As I entered the factory I saw a little family of statues. The guide said it represented friendship. I also saw all the iPads and phones being assembled together . The man said I was also the first ever person to go inside this amazing factory! He told me that these workers shifts are 15 hours a day and get a one hour break. he said they mostly just sleep during that period. As I left the factory it made me realize what is right in front of me and to NEVER take things for granted.